Sacha Ketterlin

Born in Switzerland and raised in France, Sacha Ketterlin has been living in Berlin since 2008.

Classically trained in piano, he is known for his absorptive, richly textured electronic sound which strikes you with the warm depth of analog machines.

His childhood was surrounded by music. His father was a musician and had a studio with lots of instruments, keyboards and synthesizers, which was the playground of Sacha. At the same time he discovered techno with the vinyl collection of his big brother and began to mix vinyl at age of 12.

Sacha has never been a man seeking the spotlight. He would rather be hosting his music friends for a cup of healing tea and talk about his latest experience with singing bowls and meditative binaural waves. He studied classical and jazz piano at the Strasbourg Music Conservatory and went to Berlin to study another couple of years to become a sound engineer. His curiosity for new sounds led him to modular synthesizers.

The new project under his real name "Sacha Ketterlin" will fuse all his experience in ambient, grooves and techno.